Uma solução de embalagem com redução de vazio para a preparação de pedidos. Opera com caixas de tipo FEFCO 0201 (modelo RSC ou maleta).

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e-Cube® is a void reduction packaging solution for order fulfillment.
The e-Cube® solution is appropriate for all business proceeding 300 to 2000 boxes per day and per footprint. After measuring the heights oft he content, the box will be sealed by folding and gluing the upper flaps.
Numerous and varied benefits of e-Cube®:
  • Saves on transport and last mile delivery (volume reduction)
  • Saves on packaging operations automation, reliability, daily output
  • Short payback
  • Uses no fill material
  • Enhances the corporate image (100% corrugated, carbon footprint)
1. Products are picked in the shipping case  2. Products measured and corners ripped
 3. Short side flaps are folded  4. Sealing by gluing the upper flaps
e-Cube® exists in two machine formats :
  • One footprint : 1 format, 8 boxes/min, multiple heights
  • Two footprints : 2 formats, 16 boxes/min, multiple heights
Le process e-Cube® Le process e-Cube® Le process e-Cube®
Versatile cases of application for the e-Cube® process:
  • E-commerce, mail order
  • Logistics providers
  • Books, printings, Elektronics
  • IT
  • Pharmacy, Cosmetics
  • Clothing, shoes
  • Industrial and office supplies
  • B2B and B2C
 e-Cube® learn more at : Download the brochure


A vision

A vision without action is just a hallucination !    Michaël Kami – Strategic expert
Packaging design  that pleases to the customers of our customers
Packaging is something temporary or ephemeral. It's the first contact of the final customer with his order. Communicating a favourable image of the brand is an essential function of packaging. Our role is to satisfy customer needs and style.
Enhancing productivity, carbon footprint and reliability of you customers
The key words of our activities in development and customer support are automation, reduction of consumables, reduction of transport volume and better product protection. Supporting our clients gives sense to our everyday business and helps us develop future strategy.
Encouraging the personal development of our personnel
There is no asset more precious than our personnel working every day with passion and high performance. Everyone contributes to our success and we want them to be proud and satisfied by. Innovation, quality and discovering new markets provoke our notoriety and corporate growth thriven by the personal development of our staff members.
Increasing by innovation and export
Not only quality is our key issue but also challenging, accepting change, discovering new markets and communicating a positive image. These main objects become essential values for the people working with us.

Desarrollo Sostenible

Hasta cuándo los consumidores recibirán paquetes que contienen una cantidad considerable de materiales de relleno? Hasta cuándo los consumidores se sentirán culpables por tirarlos a la basura?
Hasta cuándo aceptaremos que los camiones transporten paquetes que contienen 20, 30, 50% de vacío o materiales para relleno del espacio vacío?
Creemos que la optimización del cubo de los paquetes es un argumento de venta importante para nuestros clientes. Además nos esforzamos por diseñar soluciones eco-eficientes cuyas ventajas son:
  • Respeto por el medio ambiente
  • Ahorro de energía
  • Economías de cartón
  • Uso de embalajes de cartón
Con la reducción automatizada del cubo de los paquetes y del volumen transportado, y con la eliminación de materiales para relleno, ayudamos a nuestros clientes a reducir la huella de carbono de sus negocios y cumplir con las regulaciones relativas a la protección del medio ambiente.