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Innovative and competitive automated packing and wedging solutions dedicated to order fulfilment
The 100% corrugated packing and wedging solutions  I-pack® , e-Cube® and Ultipack® designed for the order fulfilment activities in order to minimize the costs – transport, consumables, manpower – and to optimize productivity. These solutions can quickly and easily be fitted in new sites or existing warehouses and can be interfaced to any WMS.
The intelligent packing solution 
with volume reduction of the box
The innovative packaging solution for RSC cases
that reduces the shipment volume
The packing and wedging solution 
dedicated to order fulfilment
Complementary products are proposed by B+ Equipment :
  • Box filling ratio measurement station
  • Print and apply stations
  • Automated product relabeling machine (books, CDs, …)
  • Securipack


A vision...

A vision without action is just a hallucination !    Michaël Kami – Strategic expert
Packaging design  that pleases to the customers of our customers
Packaging is something temporary or ephemeral. It's the first contact of the final customer with his order. Communicating a favourable image of the brand is an essential function of packaging. Our role is to satisfy customer needs and style.
Enhancing productivity, carbon footprint and reliability of you customers
The key words of our activities in development and customer support are automation, reduction of consumables, reduction of transport volume and better product protection. Supporting our clients gives sense to our everyday business and helps us develop future strategy.
Encouraging the personal development of our personnel
There is no asset more precious than our personnel working every day with passion and high performance. Everyone contributes to our success and we want them to be proud and satisfied by. Innovation, quality and discovering new markets provoke our notoriety and corporate growth thriven by the personal development of our staff members.
Increasing by innovation and export
Not only quality is our key issue but also challenging, accepting change, discovering new markets and communicating a positive image. These main objects become essential values for the people working with us.


“We don't inherit the earth of our parents, but we lend it from our children”
Antoine de St. Exupéry
How much longer customers will accept to get packaging with vast filling material needed to be disposed?
How much longer do we accept the transport of 20, 30 or even 50 % of void or void filling materials?
We are convinced by the reduction of packaging being a real selling argument for pour customers.
Our main target consists in conception of sustainable solutions that contribute considerably to
* environmenalt protection
* energy savings
* savings on void filling materials
* implementing pure corrugated packaging
We help our customers improving their carbon footprint as well as respecting sustainability provisions by reduction of packaging materials, plastic void filling and transported volume.